Our Firm

Everwinners Nigeria Limited is firm registered in Nigeria with corporate affairs commission with RC NO 838132; it is a firm with multifaceted department of civil, mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services, Marketing of Medical Equipment, Manufacturer’s Representatives, Information Technology, Transport, Forwarding and Clearing and general merchandise.

Everwinners Nigeria Limited as a New Company is determined to make a mark in Nigeria business circle through provision of excellence services.

Aims and Objectives

  • To establish, operate and carry on business as pharmaceutical sales agent, building contractors, electrical works, marketing experts, sale, Repair, maintain and installation of medical equipment, sale of reagents and Chemicals, Etc.
  • To act as Agents and Representatives of National and multi-National companies and to appoints own agents and factors for same purpose.
  • To demonstrate in strict terms how projects can metamorphose from concept to completion.
  • To ensure that right services and values are obtained for every Kobo spent on projects.
  • To ensure that hazards and operation of all projects are reviewed from concept to completion.